A Taste of the East with #TastyBite

by Crystal on July 18, 2014

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This post brought to you by Tasty Bite. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Tasty Bite brand was launched in 1995.  Almost 20 years later, they have more than 40 Indian, Asian, and rice products.  My family has a preference for the Asian meals and rice products.  It’s so easy to open a pouch, set it in the microwave for a minute, or so, and then enjoy all of the bold flavors with none of the hassle.  They can be cooked on the stove too.  You won’t be disappointed with the flavors, ease of cooking and quick meals that you can prepare with all that Tasty Bite offers!

Tasty Bite #TastyBite


The Tasty Bite meals are perfect for putting together a quick family dinner, even on the busiest nights.  I let everyone pick a favorite and, in less than 5 minutes, we can all sit down to eat together.  No slaving over a hot stove.  No shopping around for all of the needed spices and ingredients to make, what could be, complicated dishes.

I have to say that my, personal, favorite was the Stir Fried Brown Fried Rice.  It’s always been a favorite of mine when we go out to eat.  I even learned to make it at home.  But, being able to whip it up in a minute or so is NICE!  I can eat it as a meal but it’s also great as a side dish.  I can imagine it paired with leftover chicken or beef to make the most of leftovers while saving time and money.  You just can’t beat that!  We opt for brown rice, over white, because it’s healthier.  It’s super nice to find it in a convenient and tasty meal that I already know and love!

Tasty Bite Stir Fried Brown Rice #TastyBite


Tasty Bite also offers a Tandoori Rice product that is equally as yummy!  The flavor is bold and there is a subtle sweetness that makes it oh so good!!  I highly recommend it as a Indian food starter, if you’re not used to the cuisine.  This would also make a great side dish.  I think it would be FABULOUS to combine a number of the products available from Tasty Bite to make one big meal with many offerings from India or Asia.

Tasty Bite Tandoori Rice #TastyBite


Other than my personal favorites, Tasty Bite has MANY other dishes available.  They feature over 40 products.  There are 19 Indian dishes, 10 Asian noodle dishes and 12 rice dishes.  That’s a whole lotta flavor for you, in under 2 minutes each.  Another great thing about Tasty Bite is they use ingredients I can pronounce!!  They aren’t packed with chemicals and preservatives.  No GMOs, no MSG.  These are REAL foods REAL fast.  Also, you can grab these delicious dishes across the country at your favorite stores like like Whole Foods, Costco, Kroger, and Sprouts.  find at a store near you

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