purina game winner

Purina® #BegginForPresents Twitter Party Plus Free Treat Coupons! #TBD

This post brought to you by Triad Retail Media. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Sweet Pennies From Heaven.

Hey my pet loving friends!! Christmas is right around the corner. Do you buy gifts for your pets? We can’t forget about them….they’re our babies too. Do you do stockings for them? Buy cute Christmas sweaters to keep them warm? What are their favorite gifts to get? Treats, right?! Treats are always my dogs favorite things to get.


I just wanted to let you know about the Purina® Holiday Treats Twitter party!! It’s today (12/10) at 1pm EST. You’ll have the chance to win $1,200 in prizes….woot! Below you’ll find all of the details!

Twitter party details:

  • Date: 12/10/2014
  • Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST
  • Host/CoHost: @dealseekingmom/ @brettmartin
  • Prizes: $1,200 in prizes!
  • Hashtag: #begginforpresents
  • Must attend party to win, winners will be announced throughout the party!
  • If you need help with Twitter party details, click here for more information!

You can also snag some pretty awesome holiday pet savings when you head to the Purina® Pet Park on Walmart.com. Play the Holiday Treat Catcher game for a chance to win a free treat coupon!!!! Click here to play #BegginForPresents!



purina game winner I just won a free treat coupon!!! The above photo is the message I got after I played. Then I was able to enter my mailing address and it said my coupon would arrive in 7-10 days! Just in time to put in their stocking from Santa!



pepper and izzy

Okay, hopping off here now. Pepper, Izzy and I are heading over to get ready for the Twitter party in a bit. They’re actually pretty lazy pups and we’re enjoying a day inside. It’s so cold out there today! Hope to see you at the Twitter party, and Good Luck!!

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Add Fireman Minion Stuart to Your Minion Collection this Christmas

This post brought to you by Walmart. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Sweet Pennies From Heaven.

My entire family makes fun of my husband because he literally goes to Walmart EVERY single day. Even if we don’t need anything….he just goes to Walmart. I think he spends more time there than the employees do! Lately he’s been looking for Christmas gift ideas for the little man. It’s getting harder and harder to buy for him because he already has so much.

He does love Despicable Meand the minions though. LOVES them! We still watch the movie pretty often and we still think it’s hilarious to randomly yell – BANANA – through the house. Only  true Minion fans will understand what that even means. I’m also addicted to using the Minion stickers that are on Facebook now, haha! I use them ALL the time.


The husband spotted the new Despicable Me™ toys at Walmart, made by Thinkway Toys! Have you seen them yet? I’m in love with the new Fireman Minion Stuart! IN LOVE!!! He’s a soft plush toy and he’s got a megaphone and flashing headgear. Naturally, right?! Cause we are talking about Minion Stuart here! You just press his tummy or hands and you can hear his original voice, or “Bee-Doo” sounds! It also sets off flashing and spinning lights and makes siren sound effects! Ohh, and if you squeeze his left hand you can hear him talk with an echo (which Eli would think is hilarious!) and light effects.

Plush toys are always a great gift idea either for your own kiddos, or for the kiddos on your shopping list. Since all kids adore the Despicable Me™ Minions, you cannot go wrong with Fireman Minion Stuart!!! He’s super soft and huggable! You can’t help but to squeeze him!




If you’re a fan of the other minions, then there’s also the talking Minion Dave and the Minion Stuart laughing action toys and then of course all the boys’ favorite – the Fart Blaster toys – ughhh! LOL!!

My little guy cuddles up with his favorite plush toys every night. He usually picks one each night, and I can’t wait for him to find Fireman Minion Stuart and talking Minion Dave under the tree this Christmas! Make sure that you check out Walmart for these fun minions and gift them to your minion fans this year!!!

Do you have a favorite Minion?

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turkey bites and speed stick

Fuel Up, Gear Up and Save with Jingit

This post brought to you by Old Wisconsin® and Irish Spring® and Speed Stick® GEAR™. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Sweet Pennies From Heaven.

turkey bites and speed stick

It’s no secret that I am just awful about skipping meals. I don’t do it intentionally, but I’m never hungry for breakfast and then by mid-morning I’m so busy that I forget or don’t get the time to eat. That’s why I’m so thankful for healthier, easy to grab snacks. My husband is the same way. We have such bad habits! He works all day and never eats breakfast or lunch. He will occasionally run and grab lunch but it’s not very often. We are both addicted to the Old Wisconsin Turkey Bites. I find them at the checkout lanes in Walmart and keep them on hand. I love that they’re loaded with protein and have much lower fat content than others. Just a great and convenient way to Fuel Up. You’ll often find a bag at my office desk and one in HIS truck, haha! Santa also usually puts them in our stockings. {wink}


jingit app 3

One thing I love more than this snack, is saving money! Hello!! Have you heard yet, about this Jingit app? I’ve used it for quite awhile and it’s such a neat way to save money on normal, everyday things that you buy anyway. Right now you can earn $2.50 when you buy Old Wisconsin 4oz. Turkey Bites plus any Irish Spring or Speed Stick GEAR product at Walmart. Seeeee???!!! Earning money back, on things I already buy!! I have to buy a good deodorant for the man of the house because he’s a welder. He gets hot and sweaty, and stinky through the day at work so I can’t just buy him any ole’ deodorant. It’s gotta be the good stuff. He actually prefers Speed Stick so he was happy to get the new GEAR UP™ variety.

You wanna save money too?! Here’s how:

  • Download the Jingit app (available on iOS and Android)
  • Purchase an Old Wisconsin 4oz. Turkey Bites + any Irish Spring or Speed Stick GEAR product at Walmart. Submit your receipt via the app, and get paid!

jingit app 4

  • Watch a short video and provide feedback.
  • Enjoy the Turkey Bites and smell good while doing it!


When do you need a Fuel Up or Protein Punch during the day?


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Fresh and Fruity Low Calorie Blueberry Raspberry Water #CrystalLightWM #RanFan #MC #sponsored

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for CRYSTAL LIGHT. I received a gift card to purchase CRYSTAL LIGHT products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


Are you trying to get off the soda train? It’s hard to jump, huh? I know! I did it myself. I wanted to pull every hair out of my head and I wanted to chew every fingernail to the ends. It was murder. I just couldn’t make the solid jump from sweet soda to plain, clear, tasteless water. Bleck. Then my sister in law told me about all the new CRYSTAL LIGHT flavors that she’d tried, once I told her I was going to review some on the blog. I had no idea that they had the liquids that you just squeeze into your water! These are a lifesaver and a half for me!



While walking through Walmart, I ran across this ginormous Miranda Lambert Platinum Points display. Poor Miranda. I had to move CRYSTAL LIGHT boxes so I could see her beautiful face. Muah!! Love you Miranda! You’re my gurrlll. So….basically, you buy some yummy CRYSTAL LIGHT and you can earn some Miranda Lambert Platinum Points which you can redeem for FREE stuff! Uhh, hello! I’m the queen of scanning receipts….just ask my husband! I drive him nutso with it!

Banner Three

I grabbed my newest obsession, which is the CRYSTAL LIGHT Blueberry Raspberry Liquid and then I snatched up some of the Sweet Tea for the husband. He does love his sweet tea. I guess I’m just not sweet enough for him. Ahem.




I drink bottled water when I’m on the run, but at home I love filling up a good ole fashioned Ball Mason jar with ice water and giving a couple of good squirts of the CRYSTAL LIGHT in there. While sitting outside today, my ice melted. I had it all ready to go, and then wouldn’t you know….I went to check the mail and got carried away with that and forgot ALL about my ice cold drink outside. Just dripping away with condensation. Oh well….it still tasted just as yummy!

If you buy CRYSTAL LIGHT, make sure to keep your receipts and sign up for Platinum Points to earn some FREE Miranda Lambert goodies. They have CD’s, mugs, even a signed guitar!! I’m saving up my points for the Miranda Lambert Platinum CD, but I already have more than enough to go ahead and snag an acoustic song download.



How to Sign Up for the CRYSTAL LIGHT and Miranda Lambert Platinum Points Program:

  • Sign up for the program here, using your email address or Facebook account
  • *use Promo code: mirandaic to get 30 free points
  • Purchase participating CRYSTAL LIGHT products at Walmart and keep your receipts
  • Go to www.earnplatinumpoints.com on your mobile device and log in
  • Click “Snap” and then choose “Walmart” as your store.
  • Click “Select/Take Photo”
  • Snap a clear photo of your receipt and click “Upload this Photo”
  • Redeem points for Miranda Lambert rewards gear.

What’s your favorite CRYSTAL LIGHT flavor?

What will you spend your Platinum Points on?



Savings, Cash and Real Beauty with Dove and Dollar General

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Global Influence. All opinions are 100% my own. #DGFeelBeautifulFor


Took a selfie out in the snow :) Brrr. #selfie #cold #brrr

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I wouldn’t say that I feel beautiful when I’m in sweats, a t-shirt, with no makeup on and with my hair piled up on top of my head in a messy ponytail. Nope. But now my husband tells me that I’m just as beautiful then as I am when I’m dolled up.

Pffffft. Whatever. Right?!

I do feel beautiful though, even in sweats — because he tells me I am.

A girl still likes to doll up though. We all have our favorite beauty products that we just can’t live without. Stuff that makes us feel all “girly girly”. The stuff that we actually HUG when we pick it up off the shelf in the store! Surely I’m not the only one who hugs my shampoo, right?!


I love me some Dove and I love to save money so Dollar General is one of my fave places to shop for hair and body care goodies. You can actually save $2 instantly when you spend $7 on any Dove or Vaseline products in-store at Dollar General right now. That means you’re only paying $5 ($2.50 each) for the good stuff, folks!! This offer ends 10/19 though — so don’t dilly dally!!

UNI_DG_DoveOct_Asset2[1] (1)

Ohhh, and let me not forget. If you’re on Twitter, then you just have to join in the #DGFeelBeautifulFor Twitter party on Monday, Oct. 13th at 8pm EST with @ResourcefulMom. They’re giving away (5) $100 DG gift cards! Make sure to RSVP here to be eligible to win. That just happens to be my birthday, ahem. {big cheesy grin}

So, what makes you feel beautiful?

Leave us a comment!!!


straight talk phones

Why We Switched to the Straight Talk Wireless $45 Monthly Unlimited Plan

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk Wireless. All opinions are 100% mine.

Back years ago, my husband and I got stuck in a cellphone contract. OMGeeze, we couldn’t wait for that contract to be up! It just got to where we couldn’t afford it anymore, but we couldn’t afford NOT to pay it either. Have you been there too? Are you there NOW? At the time, my husband had lost his job and we were just stuck. S-T-U-C-K in that cellphone contract. The late fees adding up because we couldn’t pay on time were downright EVIL.

Last day of the contract = aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

That moment was the equivalent of getting home from the longest day on earth and taking off your bra, ladies. THAT’S how good it felt!

straight talk logo

Needless to say, once that contract was up…….so were we. We were up off our butts and headed to Walmart to buy new phones and pay-as-you-go Straight Talk Wireless services for both of us. Going from what we were paying to just $45 a month was like a breath of fresh air. I ain’t even kiddin’ and we have never looked back!



straight talk coverage Straight Talk Wireless has the same smart phones and iPhones you love, on the same networks you are used to, just without those super inflated and over-priced plans.



straight talk rollback phones samsung

My husband has a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and I have an iPhone 5. Both through Straight Talk Wireless. We get 3GB of high-speed data, umlimited talk and texts for just $45 a month, and YOU can too! My sister in law and her family are FINALLY switching over! After years and years of being stuck in their contract, they’re finally making the switch! I think we’ll throw them a part-ayyy! haha! In case you didn’t know, 3GB of data is quite a bit! Do you know what you can do with that much data? I didn’t either really, but this will give you an idea.

3GB of data is equal to:

  • 105 hours of Pandora radio
  • 2,460 webpage views
  • 41,900 emails
  • 1,920 Flickr image uploads
  • 153 hours of Facebook browsing
  • 85 hours of Google Maps usage
straight talk phones
Besides the savings, of course….is that you can keep your phone (if you’re in love with your current one!), your number and your network with the Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone program! Whoop-whoop!

No-contract plans are perfect for the first-time phone owners in your family too. We bought my dad one, just a simple one and it’s all he needs. You have the flexibility to pay-as-you-go so it’s perfect for teenagers too or for the pre-teen who is learning the responsibility of owning a cellphone.

Who in your family do you want to get a Straight Talk Wireless phone for?

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Save Your Hair Ladies, with Suave Split End Rescue

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Suave and Global Influence. All opinions, and split ends are 100% my own!


I remember back in my high school days, standing in front of the mirror with a pair of scissors, looking for split ends to chop off. My hair has always been really thin and fine, and I’ve mistreated it through the years. With coloring, heat, products, and breakage from the dreaded ponytail holders.

I’ve never been one to really stay on top of my hair style. When I was younger, sure…I did. But now, as a mom – I just barely get by. Suave has always been one of my favorite brands to use for hair and body care. The scents are fantastic and the price can’t be beat! Suave now has their Suave Split End Rescue shampoo and conditioner on rollback at Walmart – priced at $2.50 per bottle. Woot, for more awesome-ness! I’ll be stocking up on some of that to help me get rid of these awful split ends that I currently have.


There are lots of things that can cause split ends, and most of us ladies are guilty. Processing our hair with color is one way. It dries up the hair, which causes the split ends. I’m guilty of using a flat iron without using heat protection. That is another way to end up with split ends. Anddd, then there’s my current habit that I can’t seem to break. Going to bed with a ponytail. Because my hair is so fine, ponytail holders tend to slide off easily so I make my ponytails really tight. Then fall asleep in them. I’ve noticed COMPLETE hair breakage….gahhh!!! I’ve been better this past couple of weeks about pulling out the holder when I go to sleep!

Do you have split ends?

Make sure to stop by Walmart and pick up some Suave Split End Rescue shampoo and conditioner! Especially NOW that it’s on Rollback for just $2.50!!

luvs registered

Luvs® Loyalty Program – You Could Win FREE Diapers for a YEAR #LuvsClub

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvs®. All opinions are 100% mine.


Do you have a kiddo in diapers? Maybe MORE than one kiddo in diapers?! If so, I know that you’ll appreciate some savings!! I’m all about reward and loyalty programs, so I wanted to tell you about the #LuvsClub!

You won’t want to miss this!

Not only do they carry awesome products like the Luvs® Super Absorbent diapers, but they have this crazy good Luvs® loyalty program too, to help mommas out! You can get awesome savings, get tips and find baby-related videos. I don’t know about you, but I could watch these kinds of videos for HOURS!

The best part is that Luvs® is giving the first 2,000 registered members a $5 Walmart e-gift card and a chance to win a grand prize of FREE diapers for a year!!! Woot!!

That’s a $1000 value!! The drawing will be held in April of 2015, so make sure to rush over and sign up now!

It’s so easy to do…let me show you how!

– Just click over to the Luvs® Loyalty program page.

– Then scroll down and click the blue “Sign Up Now” button that looks like the image below.

luvs loyalty program

– Fill out the form that pops up, and click submit.

– Then you’ll receive a pop up that tells you that you’re registered, it looks like this…

luvs registered

See…..now how easy was that?! Easy peasy, right?!

Make sure to share the Luvs® Loyalty program with your friends and family so that they can enjoy the savings as well, and be entered to win that $5 Walmart e-Gift Card and the grand prize of FREE diapers for a YEAR! They make it easy to share. After you get your pop up box saying you’re registered…you have the option to share via Facebook and Twitter! :)

I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to win FREE diapers for a year! What would you do with that extra money you’d save? I’d totally take a vacation!!! :)

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Back to School on a Budget with Dollar General

Back to School on a Budget with Dollar General

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was recently given the challenge of shopping for back to school with Dollar General with just $35.  I am not a frequent shopper at Dollar General but I do love a good challenge!  Seriously, I love it.  Since we homeschool, I am always on the lookout for great deals to help me stock up on supplies for the year.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the school supply selection at our local Dollar General store.  I knew this challenge would be a BREEZE! Back to School on a Budget with Dollar General The first thing I did was head over to the Dollar General site to see what the latest sale ad contained.  There were some AMAZING prices on things like pencils, notebooks, erasers and even Kleenex!  I also spied, with my little eye, a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more.  Yep.  Easy peasy for this challenge.  So, of course, I scoured the ad and made a list of all the items we needed.  I kept a tally of the price (rounding up for tax) as I went.  I was satisfied with my list and headed to the store! When I arrived, I was pleased to see that most of the items in the sale ad were readily available in the school supplies section of Dollar General.  There were a few things that were a little different and some had slightly different prices than I had planned for.  That’s ok though because I still had that nice $5 off coupon.  I did some quick figuring in my head and went to loading my cart with everything that was on my list! Back to School with Dollar General Collage Here’s my list:

  • 4 boxes of Kleenex (75 Count)
  • 6 packs of filler paper (125 sheets each)
  • 9 One subject spiral notebooks
  • 2 Three subject spiral notebooks
  • 1 pack of 4 mechanical pencils (I threw these in extra.  They weren’t on my original list.)
  • 2 packs of  fashion pencils (8 per pack)
  • 2 packs of fashion erasers (rectangular 2 per pack)
  • 4 Three ring binders with clear view covers
  • 8 Capri Sun big pouch drinks
  • 1 Fashion journal (I threw this in extra.  It wasn’t on my original list.)

That is a total of 39 items!!  Do you think I met the challenge? Here’s my receipt: Back to School on a Budget Dollar General Receipt So I was over by $6.34!  That was pretty much the cost + tax for the 2 extras that I added at the last minute.  Had I not bought the journal and mechanical pencils, I would have come in right at my budget!  Not too shabby considering I am not a regular shopper at Dollar General and the few price differences I was met with.  I am pretty proud of how it turned out! Now…what will you be stocking up on for back to school?  Whatever it is, I recommend visiting your local Dollar General to stock up on savings!

Like Dollar General on Facebook and follow @dollarGeneral on Twitter to keep up with updates from Dollar General!

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Jimmy Dean breakfast

Make Mornings Easier with Jimmy Dean® Breakfasts

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo 077900334962PSOriginalHorizontal_zpsb937bf90.jpg

I’ve admitted here on my blog many times that I’m not the main cook in the family. That would be my husband. I’m more the sides and desserts girl. Soo….for that reason, a big breakfast just goes out the window most mornings. Unless it’s the weekend and hubs is home.

I keep a freezer full of breakfast-y things and I have a thing for breakfast sandwiches, whereas, little man prefers stuff more along the sweet side. We’ve been buying Jimmy Dean® products for years. My mom always bought their sausage. So when they came out with these little convenient breakfast items I found at Walmart in the freezer section, it was like kizmet.

 photo 87dc55ac-0328-4987-9871-805161373cf9_zps03a70a5f.jpg

These little beauties are perfect ANY time. My husband likes to take the sausage, egg and cheese croissant with him to work in the mornings. He also tends to grab one on busy Saturday mornings as he’s headed out the door to do yard work. There packed full of protein and seem to really tide him over until lunch time.

Jimmy Dean breakfast

Since corn dogs have always been a hit in our house, it’s no wonder the Jimmy Dean®  Pancake and Sausage on a stick is well loved. What’s not to love?! Anything on a stick is more fun to eat….plus you can PLUNGE it into some yummy syrup! That’s mine and little man’s favorite thing to do. Dunk, dunk and dunk!

All of the Jimmy Dean® breakfast items are microwaveable (hello, convenience!) and ready in less than 3 minutes. The pancake and sausage on a stick actually takes less than a minute!! So – if you’re looking for some breakfast-y convenience in the mornings, grab this Jimmy Dean® $1 off coupon and head to Walmart to try some for yourself – and Have a better breakfast!

 Have you already tried the Jimmy Dean® Breakfast items? Which is your favorite?

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raybern's varieties 1

Quick and Easy Lunch Idea with Raybern’s® Sandwiches – Grab a $1.50 Coupon

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.


The thought of dinnertime brings about high levels of anxiety and sweat. Not to mention having to worry about breakfast and lunch! Anytime I can make lunch a quick and easy process, I can breathe a little easier. Have you seen the Raybern’s® Heat ‘n’ Serve sandwiches at Walmart? They’re in the freezer and deli sections.

I don’t typically go for frozen sandwiches. I’ve been let down before, so many times. The bun is always soggy or hard as a brick and the meat in the middle still has a frozen spot or 2. Bleck! Guess what?!?! NO soggy buns or frozen meats in the middle with Rayberns!!!!

 photo PhillyRayberns_zpsf0d78a18.jpg

Raybern’s® invented the frozen deli sandwich! They’re a family company that started 30 years ago by 2 guys named Ray and Bernie. It took these guys 4 years to develop the Raybern’s® signature pastrami recipe and one year to develop the Raybern’s® patented bread recipe!! Because they had the “frozen” concept in mind, they figured it out and this bread heats up “bakery soft” in the microwave! PURE GENIUS!!!

Raybern’s® makes hundreds of thousands sandwiches a week…by hand! These delicious sandwiches are then wrapped in butcher paper to preserve the freshness. That includes the Philly Cheesesteak – the #1 selling Philly Cheesesteak sandwich in the U.S. You can find the Raybern’s® Heat ‘n’ Serve sandwiches now at Walmart. Make sure to grab your coupons now to save $1.50!!!

raybern's coupon

With spring here and summer on the way, we’re always so busy outside. We have a super large yard that keeps us on our toes and it feels like we spend the entire summer months ON a lawnmower. Lunch usually doesn’t happen most days unless it’s something quick, like a sandwich and some chips. The husband loves hot sandwiches so Raybern’s® Heat N Serve sandwiches are perfect! They’re quick to grab at the store and they heat up to perfection in minutes!

raybern's varieties 1

raybern's varieties 2

Don’t forget your $1.50 Raybern’s® coupon!!! Which sandwich is your favorite?

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Febreze Spring Scents

Make Your Home Smell Fresh This Spring #FebrezeSpring

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of SheSpeaks and Febreze. I received a free #FebrezeSpring Collection Kit. All opinions are 100% my own, and honest as always!

Febreze Spring Scents

Hello SPRING… Febreze Spring!!

Did you barely escape this past winter with your lives? Snow, freezing cold days and nights, sleet and ice…….oh, and MORE snow! I didn’t think we’d ever see the sun or green grass again…for the love of gosh-awful SNOW!! I am sooooo relieved to see green grass now (we’ve already mowed the yard once!) and pretty dandelions! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be griping soon enough about those dandy’s, but for now…I’m happy to see their bright yellow faces!

Growing up out in the country, we played outside barefoot all day long and way into the evening. Some of my favorite things about Spring are dandelions, the smell of wild onions, daffodils, honeysuckle and fresh dirt! YESSS! I love the smell of fresh dirt (don’t judge!!) and I look forward to clearing out flower beds every year, getting them ready for new flowers!

I have to admit that my house smells sort of funky right now. Does yours? Ohh, geeze…I can’t be the only one! It’s been closed up tight for so many months and it’s ready to breathe in some fresh air again! That’s partially why I was tickled pink to get a Febreze Spring Collection kit in the mail the other day! WhooHooo!! I couldn’t wait to crack open that box and smell the goods! They sent me a Set & Refresh, a NOTICEables unit with refills and a car vent clip. All in some of their new Spring scents which can be found at Walmart!

febreze spring collection

Their new Febreze spring scents include Wildflower, Rain, Nectar and Sweet Pea Petals. They all smell fresh and springy….which scent do you think would be your fave?!

I can’t wait to throw the windows up and spring clean! That is on my agenda this long weekend! My house already smells so good with all of these new Febreze scents! Oh, and my van smells good too!

You can connect with Febreze here on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop about all of their new scents, savings and news!

So, what scents remind YOU of Spring? Do you have any fun spring activities that you look forward to each year?

watermelon cupcakes

Watermelon Cupcakes Mix and Frosting, Available ONLY at Target #BiteIntoSummer

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

watermelon cupcakes

Watermelon Cupcakes #BiteIntoSummer

Nothing says summer like a big juicy watermelon! And cupcakes. So…how about we just combine the two and make watermelon cupcakes?! Betty Crocker now has the all-new Watermelon Cake & Frosting – available only at Target! Nothing fancy…just follow the directions on the cake mix. The mix even has tiny chocolate chips in it…to resemble watermelon seeds! How cute is that?!

I made them this past weekend, and let me tell you…if you love watermelon flavor, then these are for you!! I made this batch and they were a big hit with my little man. He just thought they were the best things ever. I topped them with jelly beans, just for some extra fun since we had some on hand!

watermelon cupcakes

watermelon cupcakes

The cupcake mix is really yummy. The next time I make these, I plan to add a tub of whipped topping to the frosting just to lighten it up a bit. The frosting has MEGA watermelon flavor, so if you really love watermelon..you’ll enjoy it! I do love watermelon, but I’m not one for very sweet frostings so adding the whipped topping would make it perfect for me.

watermelon cupcakes

On your next trip to Target, make sure to grab a mix and some frosting to try it out for yourself! It’ll be perfect for your summer parties! You can find a coupon for $0.50 off any 2 Betty Crocker Cake and Frosting plus some other awesome General Mills deals and savings!


Basketball and DiGiorno Pizza Go Hand in Hand #NewFavorites #Shop

#NewFavorites #CollectiveBias


Can you believe it?! March is finally here, and you know what that means…

Basketball games. Lots and lots of basketball games!!!

I mean…………day in and day out – nothing but – basketball games!

daddy-basketball-fan-#NewFavorites-#shop-#cbiasMeet my dad…

My dad is one of those thunderous clappers. You know the kind. The kind that can break the sound barrier when he watches a basketball game. Not just with his yelling and cheering, but with his clapping. Every single March, for as long as I can remember, has been filled with basketball tourney brackets, yelling, cheering, clapping and sometimes cursing. Basketball is in his DNA – and he’s passed it down to his own kids and grandkids.

Since our family gets together so often anyway, basketball parties are in full swing in the month of March. My sister has the biggest kitchen AND the biggest TV, so her house is the obvious place to pack up and head to.


I ran into Walmart this week to get groceries and saw lots of basketball game day displays. It made me giddy, knowing that the tournaments will be starting any day now! I went ahead and grabbed some frozen pizza. That way I could enjoy my time watching the game instead of wasting time cooking! I grabbed some DiGiorno pizza since that’s everyone’s favorite.

They have a couple of new varieties of Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza that I hadn’t seen before. Sausage, Pepper and Onion and then a Buffalo Chicken pizza.


The Sausage, Pepper, and Onion pizza is crazy good!! I knew that the guys would love it too! I kinda really love this variety personally, because I don’t care for olives so I usually steer clear of supreme style pizza.


This one has loads of flavor…the spice of the sausage and sauce with the combination of a little sweet from the onions and peppers is really yummy! Not to mention that crust stuffed with cheese. Ohhh, yummy melty cheese – NOM!



Here are some game day essentials for your upcoming basketball game parties. Consider asking guests to pitch in!

  • DiGiorno Pizza – quick and easy!
  • Chips
  • Veggie/Fruit Tray
  • Drinks
  • Plastic table cloths, utensils, plates, cups and napkins in team colors
  • Dessert – Cookies, Cake, Cupcakes in team colors
  • Basketball tournament brackets to fill out
  • Kid-Friendly activities to occupy them during game time
  • Large trash bags for easy clean up


I printed a few basketball tournament brackets to pass out. I always get so excited when it’s time to fill them out! I made sure to print some extra for the kiddos too. The little ones have no clue what they’re doing but it’s fun for them when they feel included. Some fun kid friendly activities that you could let the kids do while the adults are watching the game…

  • Basketball related arts/crafts
  • Board Games
  • Movies (something basketball related like Air Bud or Spacejam!)
  • Go outside to actually play basketball (with supervision, of course)

What sorts of foods or snacks do you fix for game day? If you’re looking for other ideas, make sure to check out these fun Game Day recipes. There are tons of great ideas there!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted

Big Savings on Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume at Walmart #ScentSavings

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Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted #shop

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume Savings at Walmart #ScentSavings

Looking and feeling pretty is important, right? I love to dabble in makeup and girly things. I love good perfume, but I hate paying for it because it’s so expensive at the department stores – and forget about the drugstore knock off imitations. Yuck! You don’t know how stoked I was to find out that Walmart carries a line of celebrity perfumes! It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot in the Walmart fragrance section. I found my girl, Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Enchanted Eau de Parfum there and was shocked! I’ve been dying to try her perfume!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted #ScentSavings #shop

Sooo…..guess what {this} girl got for her birthday?! Yep, you guessed it…some Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume! The price is so good that I don’t have to worry about running out. I can afford it and I love that I can just grab it at Walmart – even when I’m picking up groceries. I don’t have to make a special trip 20+ miles away just to get a bottle of perfume from the mall or department store.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted #ScentSavings #shop(Front of the box…isn’t it pretty?!)

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted #ScentSavings #shop(Back of the box…there’s my girl Taylor!!)

I love everything about it. The way it smells, the bottle, everything! With the first spray I noticed a hint of floral but more so I noticed a woodsy smell, which I like. The top notes are Berries, pink poppy and passion fruit. The middle notes include Peony, Champaca and White Freesia. Finally, the base notes are white musk, blond woods and vanilla. I’m telling you, this perfume is so yummy!! It smells very expensive too. I always first ask my husband what he thinks and when he smelled me, his eyes almost rolled back in his head!! Ding ding ding…we have a winner!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted #ScentSavings #shop

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted #ScentSavings #shop

Not only am I in love with the smell, I’m crazy over the holographic bottle! Isn’t it gorgeous?! Such a pretty shade of pink and then there’s the pretty gold cap. Just makes a girl feel special when she has a nice bottle of perfume! You can feel good about getting your celebrity perfume at Walmart with their everyday low prices! You’ll also find those prices in the fragrance department. The bigger bottle was just $29.97 and the smaller .5 oz bottle was just under $19. Awesome deal!! Go treat yourself…you know you deserve it!

White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue

New White Cloud Bath Tissue + a $1 Coupon

This post brought to you by White Cloud. All opinions are 100% mine.


White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue

We are on the subject of toilet paper today! YES!! TP! We’ve always been a little snobbish when it comes to bath tissue. White Cloud wanted us to try their new Luxuriously Soft variety and tell them what we thought of it. They sent us a package for my family to try and I was pleasantly surprised by how super soft it was.

The new White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue is made with this really cool technology called TAD (Through Air Dried) which uses a machine to blow air through the single ply sheets, creating a 2 ply product. This process is what makes it so thick, soft, strong and absorbent.

Because we are toilet paper snobs, I thought I already used super soft bath tissue but I was wrong when comparing my normal brand to this new White Cloud tissue. This stuff is reallllly soft and reallllly strong! I found that we used about half as much as we normally do with our regular brand too, which is a big plus! The other thing that I wanted to mention is that it’s cheaper than the brand we always bought.

I’ve embedded a short video with my thoughts as well. 

Since it’s cheaper, yet stronger and softer and we use less…there’s really no reason for us to continue to buy our other brand. I’ve fallen in love with this new Luxuriously Soft variety and since it’s sold exclusively at Walmart, I’ll always be able to find it. The awesome thing is that you can snag yourself a $1.00 off coupon on the White Cloud Facebook page starting June 10th. Grab your coupon so you can try a pack out for yourself and compare it to your normal brand. I think you’ll be surprised!

You can Find White Cloud products near you at your local Walmart. Check out and Like White Cloud on Facebook and Follow White Cloud on Twitter to stay up to date with all their news, promotions and savings!

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Jay-C Foods Ad with Coupon Deals This Week: 5/2-5/8

Listed below are all of the deals that I see for this week at the Jay-C Store!  There are lots of great deals this week. Be sure to have a Jay-C or Kroger Shoppers card. If you don’t have one, get one from the service desk. Shopping without a card, voids any sale prices.

**Ads may vary by location, so keep this in mind when searching through your sales ad!  If you don’t have a sales ad, you can view one at JayCFoods.com. **Also, month-day coupon inserts refers to Sunday paper coupons.  SS (Smart Source), RP (Red Plum), and PG (Proctor & Gamble).  Example:  3/24 SS insert means that particular coupon came from the March 24th Smart Source Insert from the Sunday Paper.

Coupons are regional, so if you can’t locate a coupon I’ve listed then it may not be included in your inserts. Coupons do NOT double at my local Jay-C store. If you are short on coupons or did not get what you hoped for in your inserts – you can use a clipping service – I recommend sundaycouponinserts.com for whole and uncut Coupon Inserts.

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Spring Fashion for Less at Dollar General

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.


Dollar General Spring Apparel

Spring finally arrived around here and I’ve been eager to get to cleaning! My little guy grows out of his clothes so quickly, part of my spring cleaning includes going through his closet and drawers and bagging up outgrown clothes and shoes. Ohh yeah, and getting rid of some of his toys! Replacing those clothes though – isn’t cheap! Since I’m such a frugal shopper, I usually take some hand me downs from my niece who’s little boy is older than mine. I also shop where I can get the best deals – including Dollar General!!

If you’re looking for ways to cut costs on clothing, you should check out Dollar General too. Over the past few years, they’ve really went up a few notches in their clothing and accessories departments adding lots of style and flair! They have clothing for men, women and kids (including babies)! I was just checking out the Dollar General Apparel Book and saw this super cute spring/summer dress and these cute kids outfits! For the style, their prices are unbeatable!!

Dollar General Clothing

You can scope out the Dollar General Apparel Book yourself and see if you like the new styles for this spring. Luckily, I have 3 Dollar General Stores that are close by so I’ll definitely be picking up a few spring/summer outfits for the family. Kids are so rough on clothes, especially in the summer months and I’m happy that his new outfits won’t “break the bank!”. Another really awesome thing I love about Dollar General is that they always have such great coupons.

You can like Dollar General on Facebook to stay up to date with all their sales, coupons, and other promotions. If you’re a Twitter user, connect with Dollar General on Twitter!

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Jay-C Foods Ad with Coupon Deals This Week: 4/25-5/1

Listed below are all of the deals that I see for this week at the Jay-C Store!  There are lots of great deals this week. Be sure to have a Jay-C or Kroger Shoppers card. If you don’t have one, get one from the service desk. Shopping without a card, voids any sale prices.

**Ads may vary by location, so keep this in mind when searching through your sales ad!  If you don’t have a sales ad, you can view one at JayCFoods.com. **Also, month-day coupon inserts refers to Sunday paper coupons.  SS (Smart Source), RP (Red Plum), and PG (Proctor & Gamble).  Example:  3/24 SS insert means that particular coupon came from the March 24th Smart Source Insert from the Sunday Paper.

Coupons are regional, so if you can’t locate a coupon I’ve listed then it may not be included in your inserts. Coupons do NOT double at my local Jay-C store. If you are short on coupons or did not get what you hoped for in your inserts – you can use a clipping service – I recommend sundaycouponinserts.com for whole and uncut Coupon Inserts.

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Kroger Ad and Coupon Deals Week of: 4/21-4/27 (50% Off Sale!!)

Listed below is your Kroger Ad with coupon matchups for this week! Be sure to shop with your Kroger shopper’s card. If you don’t have one, request one from the service desk, otherwise all sale prices are void.  Use the printable list feature below to create your shopping list, gather your coupons, and score tons at Kroger!!

Ads vary by location. The ad that I use covers the Mid-South region…Southern Indiana, Illinois, the Louisville Ky. area, and Nashville Tn.  Also, my store doubles coupons up to $0.50.  If you don’t have a sales ad, you can view one at Kroger.com.  Just enter your zipcode.

**Month-day coupon inserts refers to Sunday paper coupons.  SS (Smart Source), RP (Red Plum), and PG (Proctor & Gamble). Coupons are regional, so if you can’t locate a coupon I’ve listed then it may not be included in your inserts.  If you are short on coupons or did not get what you hoped for in your inserts – you can use a clipping service – I recommend sundaycouponinserts.com for whole and uncut Coupon Inserts.

Lots of great deals this week! Kroger is having a 50% off sale so we have a lot of goodies!!

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