Mental Floss Offers Fun and Quirky Gift Ideas

by Jenni on November 23, 2013

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Have you ever heard of Mental Floss? I hadn’t until just a couple of months ago and I am so glad that I found them online. They have some super awesome gift ideas. Super quirky too. Love that sort of stuff for gift giving. They have all kinds of fun things from clothing to kitchen products. They have a large selection of games including the four different ones that they sent me.

mental floss store

We love love love games and we always buy new ones every year to play with family during the holidays. If you usually buy board games for your kids or family for Christmas, I recommend checking out these really fun and unique games from Mental Floss. They’re not your ordinary everyday board games and will make excellent gifts!! Check it out…

split decision

Split Decision – $24.99

Are you ready to be crowned the Ultimate Split Decision Maker? Get ready for the fastest, funniest trivia game on the block, where every choice is tempting and every decision matters! You’ll have fun choosing between these unique pairings: Medieval Torture Device or Bed Bath & Beyond Gadget? Celebrity Baby Name or Computer Virus? Military Operation or Cat Litter Brand? And many more!


JaLink! – $24.99

JaLink! is much more than just a cool name (Although, really, just try to shout JaLink! without feeling happy. I bet you can’t.) It’s a high-speed creative free-for-all that pits players against each other in a race to associate images in ever-changing ways. Think up a new connection and you get to shout JaLink! and collect your kudos. But stay on your toes, because each connection reveals a fresh set of images on the game board and a world of new possibilities.



InWords – $24.99

Can you name a band, a TV show, two celebrities and three locations that contain the word “Black”? What about the word “Prince”? Or “Snow”? If so, InWords is the perfect game for you. After spinning the wheel to select a common, everyday word for the round (i.e. Cold, West, Grand), players complete to fit answers containing that term into one of the categories listed around the game board. As answers fly, the challenge – and the point totals – get larger and larger.


Mixed Nuts Trivia Game

Mixed Nuts Trivia Game – $24.99

No party is complete without the Mixed Nuts, so crack open a box and sink your teeth into mental_floss’ brand new party game! Inside you’ll find mouth-watering trivia, salty half-truths and laugh out loud fun. Full of facts about history’s nuttiest personalities. Want to know what kind of circus job Christopher Walken once held? Which part of Oscar the Grouch was inspired by a New York City cabbie? What’s so special about the Pope’s ATM? Mixed Nuts isn’t just about giving your guests the smartest, craziest party game ever… it’ll also give them something to chew on.

Lucky for you, we’ll be giving away one of each of these games during our Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway event!! WhooHoo!! Our event will be kicking off live on Black Friday so stay tuned!!

Disclosure: Mental Floss is participating in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. This is a sponsored post on their behalf. All opinions are my own.


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