Mocha Frappe Recipe: Tastes Like McDonald’s!!!

If you’re looking for an easy Mocha Frappe Recipe, look no further! I’m addicted to Mocha Frappes and well, I’m cheap and I don’t want to pay $3 or more a day to splurge at McDonald’s. Oh, and if you prefer Caramel – read my Caramel Frappe Recipe post!

I decided to give the World Wide Web a try at finding a Homemade Mocha Frappe recipe that was similar to the one at McDonald’s. I wound up combining a few different recipes to make this one and it’s perfection!  It’s very quick and easy to make and you can change the recipe around to your liking.  I mean, you can’t hardly mess up when it comes to coffee, milk, chocolate syrup, sugar, and ice right??!!  If you’re more of a “tear open a pouch” kind of person you can try the Ghirardelli Mocha Frappe Mix from Amazon. I’ve had it, and it’s great for a quick fix!

Mocha Frappe Recipe

Photo credit: Taste of Home

Mocha Frappe Ingredients:
1 1/2 cups Cold Coffee
2 Cups Milk
1/4 Cup Chocolate Syrup
1/4 Cup Sugar

Directions:  Freeze the coffee in ice cube trays. Once frozen, blend everything until smooth and enjoy!!  Yes, really…that’s all there is to it!  Make sure to look below for variations!! This makes enough that you should be able to share – maybe ;)!!


1.  Okay, first off I don’t have to have the pretty cool whip and chocolate syrup drizzle on top.  If you are preparing these for a party or something of that nature then I probably would add that just for “prettiness” sake.

2.  I didn’t have a blender – I actually had a smoothie maker but the blades quickly wore out from too much frappe makin’, so I had to buy a new blender. I am happy with my cheapie Hamilton Beach Blender. I got a great deal on it at less than $30, and it does the job wonderfully!

3.  I’m not great at following recipes, so I don’t really follow the recipe to a T. That’s the great thing about this recipe though…it’s totally easy to make a little more or less sweet depending on your taste. The same with the thickness. You can thicken with milk or thin with more ice or coffee.

4.  I didn’t measure the chocolate syrup…eeeek.  I just squirted it in.  Also, I’m not sure that I used all of the sugar that the recipe calls for.  I just scooped some out and dumped it in, so I advise you to be careful when dumping and squirting. Keep taste testing until it suits you.

5.  If you prefer Caramel over Mocha, then add Caramel Syrup or Topping.  If you prefer just an iced coffee, leave out the syrup. I like it that way too.

You won’t want to blend the ice too, too much if you like it really icy.  This recipe is totally customizable and you can omit or add anything I think to your liking.

I’d love to know what you think.  After you’ve tried it out, please come back and let me know!!! Ohh, and be sure to check out some of the other FANT-abulous recipes in my recipe box! Here are a few fan favorites:




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  1. Ryan says

    try making it without freezing the coffee. if you pour it into small glasses then let it sit in the refrigerator for about 5-10 minutes the foam will rise to the top and it looks like a fancy $10 coffee drink, great for parties.

  2. Sharon says

    Thank you for the recipe. I don’t like coffee either
    But I am also a lover if this drink. My only question
    Is what kind of coffee did you brew. Since I don’t
    Drink coffee I don’t know what to use. Thanks.

    • Jenni says

      Sharon, I just use whatever my husband drinks. It’s usually just regular old Folgers or Maxwell House coffee. I’d think it would be fine with instant coffee too and you wouldn’t even have to brew it.

  3. Malana says

    How many ice-cubes do you use? I didn’t measure how many cups it was before I poured it into the ice cube trays? And does it make an equivalent to the small size?

    • Jenni says

      I use between 3-6 ice cubes myself. I don’t always fill the ice cube trays the same each time. One might be full one week and the next time I fill them they may be half full. It just depends on how much coffee is left over after a pot that my husband has left. This recipe 2 small or medium sized frappes with a tad bit left over. It was the perfect amount for my husband and I. I hope this helps, let me know what you think of it when you’ve tried one!

      Just for your sake, I would add 2 depending on how big your cubes are. After a spin in the blender, taste it and see if it needs more. You might want to make sure all the other stuff is added first though, or of course it would taste bitter and not sweet :) You can always add more and if you added too much the first time, you can always add more of everything else till it pans out. If you have too much leftover then you can always stick it in the freezer and have it later!

      Good Luck!

      • Nancy Grice says

        In the mocha frappe recipe nothing is said about ice. Do I use ice as well as the frozen coffee? Thank you for the recipe.

    • Jenni says

      Brooke, I don’t add anything to the coffee before freezing. I just let the coffee cool and then pour it into the ice trays and freeze. Once you are ready to fix the frapp’s, the milk and sugar will lighten the color. Hope that helps!!

  4. Jeni says

    I just made my first Mocha Frappe! It was so easy and the taste is pretty close to McDonald’s! I think it’s better than McDonald’s frappe. :) Thank you for this great recipe.

  5. Madeline says

    Hi , im a little girl ( not telling my specific age ) and i just tried McDonalds frapp’e mocha and it was delicious ! i have been craving it ever since i have tried it ! & i’m glad i found this recipe thank you !

  6. MrzDavis£ee says

    This Recipe Worked Wonderfully!! ThankU Sooo Much!! Oh, But Instead of Freezing Coffee I Bought The Mocha Flavored Starbucks Frappucinos (Don’t Know If U Have Seen Those) && Chilled Them Until They Were Almost Like A Slushy,Blended It w/Ice, Added WhipCream && Chocolate Syrup!! Viola!!

  7. Michele Reisinger says

    Hi, I am so glad that I found your receipe that I am so addicted to! But with the economy and only on Soc. Sec. it is hard for everyone. I was wondering if I can substitute with 1% milk and use splenda as I am a diabetic but can’t stay away from those carmel frappe’s lol trying to find one that i can make with mucg fewer calories etc. for all of my family were all on the fat side.. Thank you so much hope to hear from you soon thanks again, Michele

    • Shari says

      Michele I also had to change up the receipe due to my diabetes. I was a full addict of McDonalds mocha frapps. omg my favorite thing. I use a little different formula but close to the same thing. I substitute silk soy milk it has less carbs. also I found a sugar free powder thats mocha you can buy it in bulk and its also sugar free, and cheap. and as for the coffee I like to use the starbucks via, I use a half a small package and use ice. throw it all in the blender together and wow wonderful. The Via comes in a package of 12 which will make you 24 coffee drinks and thats a large size drink. Ice cubes I use about 10 with the soy silk milk. also to make it healthier for us diabetics I use a scoop of whey protein powder unflavored. there is no grit. you don’t even know it is there it’s wonderful and healthy for us diabetics.

  8. Dena says

    I don’t like coffee either, but I am addicted to this drink. I’m gonna give your recipe a whirl…I wish I had the coffee ice cubes frozen already… :-( I live pretty far away from any McDonald’s, so this would really hlep me out with my addiction…LOL!!! So from one addict to another…thanks for the recipe. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again DENAnny

  9. Dena says

    WOW…just couldn’t wait for coffee ice cubes, so I used a large cup of cold coffee and crushed ice….didn’t have 2 cups of milk, so I used about 1 1/2 cups milk and 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream (I’m bad…lol)….added a rounded teaspoon of instant coffee and blended it up….WOOHOO…I am a happy happy camper right now. Probably won’t be able to sleep a wink tonight, but…………….. :-) Thanks again…….DENAnny

    • Jenni says

      Glad you liked it…and that’s the GREAT thing about this recipe, you can add or subtract anything to your liking!! Summer is here so I’m sure we’ll be making plenty of this :)

  10. Lisette Thomas says

    Im only 11 years old and my mom has 2 work so i babysit my 7 & 5 year old sibs and i cant drive which means I can use this recipe when I give them lunch mom didnt approve 1st but I changed her mind when I made her one. And trust me this helps cuz i’m in love with mcdonalds ever since i could eat. My sibs said they love these so much8-)

  11. Dena says

    I have an automatic ice maker in the fridge. How do i make the this without freezing the coffee?
    I hope this isnt impossible but i am veryy anxious to try one!

  12. Jenni says

    Dena…I would guess that the only way you could make it without freezing the coffee would be to add a few ice cubes or crushed ice (depending on how heavy duty your blender is) to it but keep your coffee the strength that you like. Hope that helps!

    • says

      In a recipe I had they had me made a mix of instant coffee, cocoa, sugar and little hot water, then add cold or iced milk or water. This way you make your coffee quickly very strong.

  13. Jeannette says

    I am addicted and I don’t even like coffee so it sounds like a familiar story!. I couldn’t find my ice trays and am in the midst of a reorganization in my kitchen so I am going over to get the real thing to get the energy to get everything done today so that I can try the recipe..I can’t wait. By the way the little bottles of Starbucks provide a good starter for a quickie if you keep them around..perhaps freeze those altho I usually add ice and blend.

    • Jenni says

      that’s funny that you don’t like coffee either!!! I never even thought of using the Starbucks in it, but I don’t usually have any on hand. Hope that your kitchen re-arranging goes easily and that you enjoy your homemade mocha frappe!!! Let me know if you think it’s as good as the real deal :).

  14. Sharon says

    I just made my first frappe and it didn’t turn out like I thought it would at all. It was runny and tasted like I mixed chocolate syrup with milk and not at all like a McDonald’s frappe. Any suggestions?

    • Jenni says

      Sharon, I’m not sure what happened. It sounds like you didn’t have enough ice or coffee. They should come out the same consistency or VERY close to the same as McDonalds. If you blend the ice TOO long it will just melt and make the texture runny, I would think. So if you try it again, the only suggestions that I can offer are to add more coffee and don’t blend it for too long. Also, the blender that you use can make it different I would think. For instance, what I have isn’t actually a blender, it’s a smoothie maker so the blades aren’t as sharp or thick. I use a food chopper to make my ice cubes smaller before adding them into the smoothie maker so it’s not as hard on the blades. Hope that helps!!!

  15. AL Z says

    *Decaf coffee – Instant – 1 teaspoon for each cup of coffee required
    *1% Milk
    *NO SUGAR – Doesn’t need it, w/ the syrup and all!! I used equivalent of Splenda 1st x, but then no sweetener at all 2nd x – doesn’t need sweetener.
    No ice either – The milk’s cold, the water’s cold, I keep the syrup in the fridge…
    I doubled the recipe, it filled up a Juicy Juice bottle to the top. Now I just go in the fridge for a cold, healthy cup (or a swig, shh) all summer day long.
    I used a funnel to drop into the bottle the 3 scoops of instant decaf (or leaded).
    Poured in 3 cups of water BEFORE the 4 cups of milk (so it doesn’t bubble up on ya)
    My measuring cup has a pouring lip, so two 1/4 cups of syrup into the bottle.
    Shake shake shake – Drink drink drink P:= Yum!

    • Jenni says

      AL Z: Thanks for the variations!! I like the sugar free versions too (in a pinch)! I also really do prefer mine frozen and not just cold. I think that the frozen is the “magical” part for me ;).

  16. Brandon says

    I prefer my frappe frozen, not just cold. Jenni, I just got a frappe from McDs during happy hour ($1 off!!!) But still insisted to google it when I got back home. Thanks a lot for your contribution to life! I don’t know what I would do if God didn’t invent frappe mocha’s. Now for the McNuggets!!

    • Jenni says

      Brandon, I prefer mine frozen too! That for me is what sets it apart from an ordinary milkshake. I actually even give mine to my son once it starts to melt…HE doesn’t mind haha!! I’ll have to check the $1 off at Happy Hour. I don’t even know if our McD’s has a Happy Hour, but it’s worth a shot! You’re totally welcome and I sure don’t know what to tell ya about the Nuggets…I have a severe addiction to their french fries as well. I can smell them a mile away ;).

  17. Megan F says

    If you freeze the coffee while its hot it freezes faster. Something about the molecular structure while its hot makes it freeze faster. Just thought I’d let you know.

  18. Samantha says

    I work at mcdonalds so I get a discount and so a large for me is like 2.28 that’s still high for me so I got on here n hops of a good dupe and it didn’t work out right for me idk y but o well I work there so I guess I’ll just keep on lol I’m an addict I have been since b4 I started working there and we get them free when we r working but if we rnt working then we just get a discount so idk ima just stick to buying them

  19. Rachel says

    Um, yummo! I like to add a touch of vanilla or coconut flavor to the mocha to change it up a bit, super good recipe, though! Thanks so much!

  20. Kayla says

    Yummy! After making a few batches different ways I’ve finally got it just right. The only changes I made were as follows. I brewed my coffee a little stronger than normal and while it’s still hot added the sugar. Froze once cool and then made as directed since I didn’t like the texture from the sugar. Thanks for sharing this recipe as I’m cutting back on my spending since having a baby :)

    • Jenni says

      you’re right Kayla…it can take a few batches to get it just right, but I actually lucked out and got it close enough on the first batch! From there I was able to perfect it to my liking :)

  21. Jamie says

    What I love is the ability to personalize. I don’t like mocha and had nothing caramel so I added some all spice!! Although it’s almost 100 degrees out, I can taste the leaves falling (all spice is a very fall-season flavor). Thanks for the base recipe!

  22. Jenni says

    OHH…thanks for that tip!! I love fall flavors and so when fall comes, I’ll be pulling my all spice out! I do love mocha and that’s what I use all the time, but when fall comes, I love spicey flavors!!

  23. Andrea says

    Has anyone tried the recipe with Silk vanilla soy milk? I love Frappes and I was so excited to find this recipe.. just wanted to see if anyone can compare soy variations to the regular. Thanks!

  24. Diane says

    I like everyone else, am addicted to McDonald’s Mocha Frappe. My car is hard to control each time I drive by a McDonald’s. Only trouble is, the amount of calories in each one! I found your recipe and revised it with Fat Free Milk, Light Chocolate Syrup and Splenda and now I don’t feel quite so guilty when I make one. They still taste delicious and I even top it off with Fat Free Whipped Cream in a can.

  25. Mikki Jo says

    This is just too weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought me a Ninja at walmart yesterday evening to make my 0 points plus icecream and I thought hey…a few minutes ago I checked online for a McFrappe recipe for my dear sister and make her one……low and behold I was led to this blog post…doodoodoodo..doodoodoodo………..notice todays’ date and the date of your blog post…FREAKY SISTA! Love you ROFL

  26. Lorri says

    Wow! what a great recipie this was the best smoothie I ever had in my life! It was even better than the ones at McDonalds

  27. Elisia says

    Do you have to freeze the coffee?
    I don’t have any ice trays, and I don’t find it suitable to go out and buy some for one drink, you know? Money’s a little tight here. 😉
    But do you think I’d just be able to add the coffee cold to the ice?

  28. Carrie Gann says

    hi i just tried ur recipe but instead of milk i used 3 large scoops of vanilla ice cream,my dad is a diabetic so instead of using sugar we put about 6 splenda packs and sugar free vanilla ice cream,u can also use sugar free chocolate syrup or just use less of the regular,i used the Hershey’s syrup,delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!thank u so much,i’m addicted to these too and don’t like paying over 3 bucks for just 1 drink

  29. jennifer says

    We love this, but another variation: my blender is junk and won’t blend really thick stuff. SO i mix the coffee, sugar, and creamer together then pour in a shallow baking dish and put in the freezer for a couple hours. Then I scrape like a granita into a bowl and use a hand blender. Fast and delish!

  30. Nicole says

    Love my mocha frappes! I don’t drink coffee, neither does my husband, but I do drink french vanilla cappachino, could I try it with the mix instead of reg coffee? Could I freeze that into cubes and try it that way?

  31. Serena says

    My name is Serena and I’m addicted to coffee. =) I’m a poor college student who spends too much money at Starbucks & this should change things! Thank you for this great ideaaa =]

  32. Catherine says

    I am a huge addict as well. I tried many recipes that included the coffee but still they never came out the same until I found the missing ingredient in my walmart. It was missing the mocha flavor. In the refrigerated area near the juice they sell Mocha flavored coffee drink. Instead of using regular coffee and ice, I use this:
    1 16 oz of the mocha flavored coffee cold drink
    1 tray of ice cubes ( blend them first to break them up in the blender.
    A few squirts of chocolate syrup.
    Some whip cream blended into the drink to make it creamier.

    Then I pour into a glass, pop a straw in there with some whipped cream and top if off with some chocolate syrup.

  33. Jennifer says

    I’ll have to try when I can’t make it to McDonald’s to order one. I am addicted these. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Tyrone Meredith says

    Thanks everyone for those great ideas…

    Will be making wifey one tonight as a peace offering, we have been fighting for months…(If it’s not one thing it’s another)

    I am also on this weight loss trip and bought a blender yesterday. I am not a vegetable or fruit or yogurt person, but what combos can I try to curb sweet tooth?

  35. Crystal says

    I just made this recipe for the Mocha Frappe for my boyfriend (he LOVES them). I handed him the glass while he was watching a movie. He didn’t even look at it and just drank it… Then he looked up from his movie and said “Whoa, what is this!? This is way better than that stuff at Starbucks!” Thanks so much! This is exactly what I did and it made a 13oz drink:

    8 Coffee Ice Cubes from tray
    1 1/2 Cups Milk
    1/2 Cup Sugar
    1/4 Cup Chocolate Syrup

  36. Sabrina says

    Love, Love, Love it!!! I just made it this morning and between my cousin and I … it was gone within half an hour. LoL!!

  37. says

    I did not have any choc. syrup so I added Nestle’s chocolate powder. I also added a TBSP Hazelnut creamer and about a TBSP of instant coffee…. I had already frozen an entire ice tray of coffee the night before thinking I would look up a recipe in the morning so I really have no idea how much a tray is in liquid form until I measure it out when I prepare for another one. For some reason, once it sat, it got way to frothy at the top, maybe too much coffee ice… the froth isn’t tasty so I have to keep stirring it in. Its delicious otherwise. !!!!

  38. says

    I hate coffee, even the smell of it! But I am so addicted to this frappe! 600+ calories for a large one! I am a diabetic so I had to figure out some way to fix this. Your version inspired me thank you! I added 1/2 cup of splenda to the coffee before freezing and wow it’s soooo delish! I also substituted sugar free chocolate syrup. And I can make it anytime I want!

    • Jenni says

      That’s so awesome!! That is why I love it so much, because it’s very customizable and anyone can make it to suit them even for diabetics. So glad you like it ;)!!

  39. Kendall says

    I just made this a few mins. ago and it is awesome!!! I added a spoon of vanilla ice cream to thicken it up a tiny bit and it tastes even better(: btw I am 13 and I LOVE this drink!

  40. Whitney Jamea says

    I added a capful of almond extract and I froze Ice Coffe out of A cartoon instead amazing!!!!!

  41. Kaylee luvs MOCHA FRAPPES! says

    I just had my very first McDonald’s Mocha Frappe yesterday, and I CAN’T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! I don’t have a blender, so any tips?! O.O

    • Jenni says

      What I do sometimes when I don’t feel like pulling my blender out (when I’m being lazy!): Take a glass and fill it with like an inch of coffee depending on how strong you like it. It’s also BEST if the coffee is cold, not hot. Then fill glass about halfway with milk. Add a teaspoonful give or take, a couple squirts of chocolate syrup, and then mix really well. Fill the glass the rest of the way with ice. I LOVE Sonic Restaurant Ice!! We buy it by the bag full. Hope you enjoy it this way too :)

  42. sallymay says

    I was (am) addicted to iced mocha frappes too. Worried about the 860 calories in one medium from McD’s, I created one that I think has about 1/4 the calories and tastes very much the same. Quick and easy if you have a blender that blends ice cubes. 2 tsp. dry instant coffee into blender; add small glass of water; fill with one ice tray of ice cubes; throw in some sugar and about a cup of almond milk. Hit the chop ice button until right consistency. Tastes great and costs a lot less — in $$, calories and gas!

    • Jenni says

      Thanks for sharing that!! I like to change things up and initially when I made this blog post, I wasn’t considering calories…but NOW I am. I’ve been trying to watch my diet and counting calories and I still have these from time to time, but not as often. Thanks for sharing these good ideas for cutting the calories :).

  43. christie says

    This Mocha Frappe, Taste just like the one from Mcdonalds… Thanks so Much for the HELP…I recommend this to anyone :)

  44. Shari says

    Jenni Thank You for the awsome help with our addictions, I have a recipe For the diabetics that tastes very close as I am very picky about my McDonalds coffee also. Bulk sugar free Mocha Mix (Purchase at cash and carry) only use 1 scoop per coffee so this will last a long time.
    Silk soy milk 1 cup
    10 ice cubes
    1/2 package of Via coffee instant
    1 scoop protein powder (Whey) it has no flavor and no grit)
    Blend using ice button on blender, pushing off and on till desired consistancy. This has only about 200 total calories compared to the 800 of Mcdonalds. No need to add chocolate syrup as the Mocha Mix has all of it added and sugar free. Hope this helps all of the Diabetics who love McDonalds coffee!!! The protein powder is optional of course I like it because I can call it my healthy drink.

    • Jenni says

      You’re welcome Shari! Thank YOU for sharing a great diabetic recipe! I hope everyone enjoys it. I am thinking about making myself a Frappe right now :)

  45. Karen says

    The (other) good news about this recipe is that you can make it decafe. As a breastfeeding or pregnant mama, that is a great option. McDonald’s does not offer their iced or frappe drinks in decafe. :)

    • Jenni says

      You’re right Karen!! I’m glad that you mentioned that about decaf. There are so many options with this recipe…ANYONE can make it and enjoy it!

  46. Shana says

    My little boy (9yrs old) just bought me a blender with his own allowance as an early birthday present. I am so addicted to the McD’s mocha frappe’s so I decided to google homemade recipes for it. I have the coffee in the freezer now and can’t wait to try this recipe!

    • Jenni says

      Awww, that’s so thoughtful of your son!! I’m glad you stumbled upon this recipe and I’m sure you’ll love it! If it doesn’t taste right when you make it, then you can just add whatever it needs. These are VERY hard to mess up…that’s why I love it!

  47. Meli says

    I am WAY to impatient for this recipe! 😉
    I brewed a cup of chocolate raspberry coffee, poured half into ice cubes (to try the above recipe tomorrow)
    then I added milk till it was very light (this cooled it a lot)
    then I put it in my magic bullet with 4 ice cubes, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup ( I REALLY love md chocolate chip frappe!)
    blended it till the ice was gone, and ENJOY!
    mmmm it is pretty darn good!
    it keeps getting frothy on top but I keep mixing it away

  48. Kylei says

    I haven’t tried this yet but I love McDonalds Frappe’s! I have a feeling this amazing! Pinterest here I come:)

  49. juggalo97 says

    i am gonna try this as soon as i can get the stuff and if it is good, i will show my mom how to make it too, so we dont have to keep spending so much money on a little cup of it, we can make all we want. we both LOVE mcdonalds,s frappes, we both like all 3 kinds: mocha, caramel, and chocolate chip, but the mcdonalds in my town puts way way way too much chocolate chips, there is literally enough chocolate chips to make about 2 reese cups (not counting the peanut butter)

  50. R. Barton says

    Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

    Here’s a sugar free, non-dairy version.
    About 110 calories per 12 oz.

    1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk
    1/2 cup Coffee Mate French Vanilla Creamer – sugar free (liquid creamer)
    1/3 cup powdered non-dairy coffee creamer
    2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
    2 Tbsp instant coffee crystals
    1 (3.25 oz) Jello Vanilla Pudding Snack Pack (prepared pudding cup) - sugar free
    2 cups ice cubes

    Blend on HIGH for 45-seconds or until smooth. Makes about. 48 oz.

    The Jello pudding cup makes a thick, rich, low calorie Frappuccino.

  51. Jackie says

    Thank you for posting!! I Googled copycat recipe for McDonald’s mocha frappe and you were the first on the list! I will be trying this in the next couple days!!! PS, I have a Ninja blender that is AMAZING with ice! Definitely worth buying if you drink frozen drinks a lot!

  52. Melissa says

    FYI Mcd’s frappes do not have coffee in them just coffee flavoring! Adding real coffee to this will make it a million times better than Mcd’s!!!!!

  53. Tidedoc says

    Thank you! I’m addicted too!
    I use maxell house- I find Folger’s a little strong.
    Now- please work on the 0 calorie version! (Just
    kidding- )

  54. Jacqueline says

    I had to improvise because my sister forgot some stuff when she was at the store. I used cocoa powder (Very little) Just to give it a chocolaty taste. I also used evaporated milk. I think it would probably be better with the original stuff but i think it turned out great! Thanks for the recipe! I will be using it a lot! :)

  55. Pat says

    Do you only freez the coffie or do you freez all of the ingredence then blend? please answer back asap i cant wait to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Isabella says

    Okaaaay so I wanna try this SUPPPPEEER badly but theres one lil problem, i dont hav an ice tray. But we do use these lil pumpkin shaped tray things to make ice sometimes, would tht work too?

  57. Ronnie Goodin says

    Thanks love the recpie. I’ve been making these using Starbucks Instant Iced Coffee as I’m not much of a Coffee drinker. Here is a link for what I mean,default,pd.html?navid=starbucks-via-ready-brew

    It seems to be much easier to just use one of these packets in a bottle of water to make. Cuts out the freezing time and tastes great. The are lightly sweetened already so I just add some extra splenda to the mix, but probably it’s not needed.

  58. Ambs says

    This last time I made it I crushed the coffee cubes first with sugar and then added my milk and syrup, however it freezes up real fast so I had to use a large spoon to seperate from blades. This recipe is the best one I’ve used so far.

    • Jenni says

      So glad that you enjoy the recipe! There truly are so many different ways to fix it and I think after just a couple of times you start to find your “groove” lol. But honestly, this is a treat that I love to enjoy more often than I’d like to admit 😉

  59. Jamie says

    This is a wonderful recipe. I can’t have dairy so I take hot water and mix non dairy creamer to make milk. Then I freeze that into cubes also. It is wonderful. Thank you so much for posting. I must admit it is much better then McDonalds plus it doesn’t make me sick like theirs does.

  60. Nonya Beeswax says

    I am seriously amazed at how much this tastes like the McDonalds Frappe. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. It was awesome!

    • Jenni says

      Hey Kenze! To be perfectly honest with you, sometimes I just pour a glass about 1/4 of the way with coffee then add some milk, ice, chocolate syrup, and a teeny bit of sugar and stir it all up and enjoy! I do those on my super lazy days. It’s obviously not a frappe because it’s so smooth but it’s still pretty good!

  61. Budd Geiger says

    Okay, I have a big suggestion for everyone. 1st don’t buy the Starbucks mochas cuz that one nngredient is $2.00 a bottle. Instead, buy the new half gallon iced mocha coffe ( I think it is international delight that makes the 1/2 gallons of the mocha iced coffe). It is enough to add ice, chocolate (unsweetened) if u r diabetic, small amount no more than 1/2 to 3/4 cup of the premade iced mocha coffee is sweet enough with tiny bit of cocoa powder (unsweetened) then add no more than half cup coffe at room temp and ice. McDonald’s uses regular ice. Manager told me full cup to cup and half for large batch, then Tate & sweeten last so you have taste right but total control out of sweetness :-)! Hope I helped with the iced mocha coffee half gallon cheat cuz it is $2.00 and make at least 10-20 of these good sized drinks! McDonald’s trick is the ice! Believe it or not, mocha only has a little over 300 calories in a big one, Carmel a little higher. Not that anything else mentioned wont work, I’m simply try to stay in the no more than 300 calorie for a huge one range and ice is the trick. The manager at McDonald’s told me it is why msdonalds uses all that ice cuz ice cubes are calorie free :-)! Good luck all you calorie watching tightwads like me!

  62. Denny says

    This recipe is great. I like my frappe thicker so I tried using about 1/4 cup of ice cream. Then turned it into a german chocolate frappe by using the Girl Scout Samoas ice cream and coconut flakes. Turned out really awesome!

  63. Steve says

    Earlier this year I spent over $700 for the McD’s Large Mocha Frappes. Wanna know why I stopped drinking them: There seems to be no Quality Assurance for these drinks. Buy a BigMac almost anywhere in the world and it will be basically the same, but some of the frappes are very icy (which I don’t like) and others are short of the advertised quantity — 22 oz. There is a small line toward the top of the cup at about 19-20 oz. which I have been told by many employees at many different McD’s that if the drink reaches that line it is considered full. I got tired of arguing with them. I even wrote McD’s customer service and was given platitudinous answers in several responses. At first I thought, great they are going to do something about it, but alas, nothing changed.

    I finally said, “Enough, I am tired of getting antsy when I buy a frappe.” When they are right they are so good; but when they are icy or short I am so disappointed… until I finally decided NO MORE McD Frappes for me…UNTIL NOW.

    Thanks, Jenni, for posting this recipe. I can hardly wait until I try it. With a little practice and experimenting, I now know I can satisfy my longing for a frappe!

    • Jenni says

      Great Steve!! I’m happy I’m not the only frappe addict out there! I really hope that you enjoy the recipe and save lots of money!! If you want a job done right, best do it yourself! haha!!

  64. Larissa says

    This was very good, I just didn’t freeze the coffee. Instead, I made a pit and let it sit for about 2 hours and just measured a cup and a half. Otherwise, I loved it. I let my sister try it and she asked me if I got it from McDonald’s!

  65. Karen says

    I don’t drink coffee either, never have, so when I got a coupon for a free one of these a few yrs ago, I didn’t expect to like it, and at first, I didn’t. Each sip made me shiver from the coffee taste, but then it started to grow on me before I finished it off. After a few days, I found myself wanting another one, and you can guess what happened from there. Main thing, I didn’t stop w/just a recipe. I bought a frappe maker, wore it out and bought another. I have been adjusting recipes for quite some time. I use Chocolate Fudge coffee in my maker. In the blender jar, I use ice cubes (let them set for about 20 minutes), chocolate flavored coffee mate, Torani sugar free chocolate syrup, a few drops of chocolate extract, skim milk, a scoop of fudge brownie ice cream, and sometimes one fat free chocolate pudding cup. It blends perfectly, makes about 24 ozs. I don’t measure anything but the coffee, and I use a heaping Tbsp. I like decaf in the afternoon or later so that it doesn’t interfere with sleep. Guess you can tell I’m a chocoholic too.

  66. Lakisha says

    One word…..DELICIOUS!!!! Just tried this recipe & I must say, this one is a keeper! This taste better than McDonalds!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe & saving me almost 4 bucks a day!

  67. Veronica says

    Thanks so much for this recipe! It’s wonderful! I actually halved the recipe and it fits perfectly in my Ninja Single Serve cups. Great for on the go. I now plan to keep coffe ice cubes as a staple in the house. : )

  68. Victoria says

    OMG. This was really good. And here’s a tip. If you don’t have chocolate syrup just use Chocolate MILK!! It works and tastes exactly the same!!! Enjoy guys!

  69. Mae Anne says

    I added about 1/4 cup of choc. chips and made the chocolate chip frappe with mocha. :) It was AWESOME. Thanks for the recipe!!

    • Jenni says

      Ohh Mae Anne, that sounds delicious!! I actually just bought a bag of chocolate chips the other day because I was planning to make a choc chip frappe and posting about it on the blog! Frappes are still my addiction! Love them! Glad you enjoyed the recipe, and thank you for stopping by!


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