Coffee and Cream Popsicles – Freezer Pops Only for Moms

July 2, 2014
Coffee and Cream popsicles freezer pops

Coffee and Cream Popsicles – Freezer Pops Sooo……during the summer months I love a good homemade mocha frappe {<– recipe link there!}. I drink them so fast though, that I get that painful brain freeze. So imagine me, driving down the road — poking my finger into my forehead trying to get the pain to stop! Actually, […]

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4th of July Recipes – Fun and Festive Desserts

June 30, 2014
4th of july recipes

4th of July Recipes The 4th is right around the corner and we’re planning a little get together with my family, and allllll the kids. More than likely the day will be spent IN the swimming pool or playing cornhole (I’m the queen of cornhole, just so ya know!). My husband will be manning the […]

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Fun Mason Jar Recipes for Any Occasion from Sweet to Savory

June 27, 2014
Mason Jar Recipes

Easy and Delicious Mason Jar Recipes I don’t know about you, but I love mason jars! I love to drink from them, decorate with them, and even eat from them! Because mason jar recipes are more and more popular all the time I thought I’d join in the fun and share some super awesome-sauce ones […]

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Laundry Tips to Save Your Sanity AND Your Clothes #SimpleGreenSelfie

June 25, 2014
#SimpleGreenSelfie #SimpleGreen laundry tips

Thanks to Simple Green for sponsoring this post on laundry tips and how to save your sanity and your clothes!   I used to love to do laundry. That was before I had a child. I loved to wash, fold and put away. Now, we’re lucky if the clothes even MAKE it to the closet! […]

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4th of July Crafts – Button Art American Flag

June 25, 2014
4th of July - Button Art American Flag

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and I LOVE making 4th of July Crafts for decorating with!  I also love buttons and have a lot of fun coming up with ideas to use my many buttons, whether fancy buttons or just plain old shirt buttons.  This Button Art American Flag is […]

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Gift of Happiness – Gift Giving Made Easy

June 24, 2014
handmade usa handwarmer mug Gift of Happiness

I recently discovered a great site for gift shopping.  Ok, so I did find a LOT that I liked too.  It’s ok to treat ourselves once in a while and is a great place to shop for gifts for everyone.  My favorite thing about the site, besides some really great products, is that they […]

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How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

June 24, 2014
How to season a cast iron skillet

Learn how to season a cast iron skillet. I spent years watching my grandma and mom use cast iron skillets in the kitchen. Once I was grown and married, I realized just how incredible these things are. Most everything just cooks and tastes better coming from cast iron. There is some getting used to caring […]

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Kid Approved Mini Pizza Snackers – On a Bagel

June 23, 2014
Mini Pizza Snackers

My crew loves pizza. It’s no secret that all of us could eat pizza everyday! These mini pizza snackers are quick and easy, and definitely kid approved. Is it breakfast? Is it a snack? Is it dinner? Well, it could be all 3 I suppose since these little mini pizzas are on top of a […]

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Top 5 Reasons Moms Need a Video Baby Monitor #VTechSafeandSound

June 21, 2014
#VtechSafeandSound video baby monitor

I received a #VTechSafeandSound video baby monitor from VTech and Mom it Forward to review here on the blog! All opinions are my own, and let me tell you…I am in love with it! Check out the VTech Safe&Sound Video Baby Monitor! Being able to keep all eyes on 3 kids 24/7 is tough. Especially […]

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Cutesie Wootsie Little Mini Banana Pudding in a Jar Desserts

June 13, 2014
Banana pudding in a jar

Banana Pudding in a Jar Recipe My sweet mom used to make banana pudding every single year for the holidays. The kids and grandkids all depended on it. I have her old blue bowl that she used to make it in – and now I’ve picked up the tradition. My nephew just asked me the […]

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