Scentsy Fundraiser for Tornado Victims Extended Through 3/25

Update: The Scentsy Fundraiser has been extended through 3/25.  Mary’s site was down so we’ve tacked on a couple of extra days to make up for this time.  If you’ve been wanting to purchase from this fundraiser then you’ve ONLY got 2 more days…HURRY!!!

On March 2nd, 2012 there were tornadoes that ripped through my neighboring counties in Southern Indiana, devastating several small towns which include Henryville, Chelsea, Marysville, and Pekin Indiana.  There were several deaths and the count has risen since, including several small children.

Although I myself, nor my family were directly impacted…we have friends and loved ones who were and WE want to help our small communities!  They are in need of donations whether it’s food, supplies, or money.  Please see here How to Help the Southern Indiana Tornado Victims for donation information.

Sweet Pennies from Heaven has partnered with Mary Middleton, an Independant Scentsy consultant and a dear friend of mine.  We are having an online Fundraiser to support the Southern Indiana Disaster Relief Fund. All proceeds will be going to the Clark and Jefferson County Chapters of the American Red Cross which are the chapters in these areas affected.  Mary has offered to give 100% of her commissions to this fund!  How awesome is that??!!

Here’s how YOU can help:

ANY Scentsy product that you purchase through the Sweet Pennies from Heaven Scentsy Online Party will benefit these folks that are in desperate need, and like I mentioned…100% of her commission will be deposited into the Disaster Relief Fund! We all LOVE Scentsy, right?  This online party will be going on now through March 19th.  This fundraiser has been extended through March 22nd!!!

::Click this link to order from the Sweet Pennies from Heaven Online PartyYou MUST click this link for your order to be counted towards the Disaster Relief Fund!!!!!!!!

  • Scentsy Fragrance Wax only costs $5 per bar and these last up to 80 hours.  Jar candles only last around 45 hours and can cost upwards of $10-$20.
  • When the wax is hot, it’s just above body temperature so there’s no fear of getting burned.  They’re great around kids and pets.  The burners use a 25 watt bulb.
  • No fear of house fires from knocked over candles and no black soot on your ceilings from candles!

Mother’s Day will be coming up in just a couple of months.  Scentsy is a GREAT gift giving idea ;) ! Thanks so much for your support!!  Also, above anything else…please continue to pray for these folks!  They need your prayer and support.

A HUGE Thank You to Mary Middleton for helping in this fundraising effort!




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