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Wet-Nap-Wipes #ShowUsYourMess

My family has FINALLY grown a successful, albeit small, garden.  I loved planning and planting and watching my baby seedlings grow into mature plants producing vegetables and feeding my family.  It’s really therapeutic.  It’s also really dirty!!  Thankfully, I recently discovered Wet-Nap Hand Wipes at my local Walmart!

tomatoes and lettuce

There are times when I run out to pick some veggies JUST for fixing dinner.  On a busy evening, I need to be able to pick, clean the veggies and cook all in quick order.  Wet-Nap Hand Wipes help me do just that.  They are thick enough that they do a great job of removing dirt without tearing.  They also offer antibacterial wipes that will remove germs along with the dirt.  So I can quickly go from garden to kitchen in a snap.

I found Wet-Nap hand wipes in the soap aisle of Walmart.  In some stores they may be found in the aisle with the napkins and other paper goods.  I made sure to snag this coupon for .55 0ff any Wet-Nap product before I headed to Walmart.  Every little bit helps when you’re trying to save!  Combine the printable coupon with Walmart’s already low prices and you have a pretty darn good deal!


I was glad to find the anti-bacterial option!!  This meant I could skip handwashing from time to time, or at least delay it a bit.  Even with organic gardening, there’s still some gross stuff to be found on the plants sometimes.  Wet-Naps helps make sure my hands are free of both germs and dirt so I can cook my daily harvest without hesitation.  Some nights, it’s my saving grace!

Wet-Nap has improved their wipes!

  • Wet-Nap wipes are softer than before
  • Wet-Nap wipes are also stronger
  • Wet-Nap wipes now moisturize with aloe

These improvements are what make them so great for use after gardening.  I need a tough wipe that does the job but doesn’t leave my skin dry and tight. I also love that you can buy them in the canister, in the pop up container or the individual packets. Those really come in handy for on the go! I just keep a few in my purse. Never fails, when out and about — someone makes a mess!



These are perfect for anytime, but especially in the summertime. We love being outdoors, and since the boys love fishing (who am I kidding?? I love it too!!) we always take them with us. Dry towels just don’t do the trick when you have wormy dirty fingers and hands! You gotta have something tough and moist that can kill the germs and get all the yuck off!

dale and eli fishing

How would Wet-Nap Hand Wipes help your family?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Crystal Gibson

Crystal is a married mom of a tween daughter and teen son, all living in Knoxville, TN. She loves natural living and clean eating. Crystal a blogger, virtual assistant, traveler and animal lover. Visit her at ColorMeCrystal.com to learn more about Crystal and what she loves!

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    My son is always getting into something sticky, slimy or muddy. I guess it’s part of being 4 years old. Wetnaps would be great to keep in the car console so I can hand him a fresh wipe to clean up.

  2. says

    We used to have a Wet Nap dispenser right outside the petting zoo at our zoo here and it was so convenient! Now I bring them everywhere to not only wipe hands but wipe down surfaces as well.

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